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AIMSE Mentoring Programm

AIMSE Europe is the only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving the professional needs of investment management sales and marketing professionals in Europe. We seek to foster high ethical and professional standards among our members, with an educational emphasis on improving skills, thereby enabling members to adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. Historically, this has been delivered through networking and events and we are pleased to be adding a third pillar of mentoring, to bring additional benefit to our valued members.


The AIMSE Mentoring Programme will enhance connectivity across our membership, allowing access to knowledge and expertise across members, developing the quality of individuals’ thinking and to foster improved professional and personal development standards. We believe this will benefit the future leaders of our industry. An important component of the Programme is that it will allow participants access to perspective and experience outside of their own team and firm.

Participants will receive a Guide to Effective Mentoring, acting as a valuable resource and reference tool during and after your experience in the programme.

The AIMSE Developmental Mentoring Programme is a two-way learning process for both mentors and mentees in which both participants benefit from the relationship. It is a process of ongoing support and development, which can tackle issues and problems identified by the mentee. Having a mentor can be one of the most powerful developmental relationships a person will ever experience. Mentoring is also a confidential partnership between two people based on understanding and trust. It is a positive partnership driven primarily by the mentee, but an effective mentor will learn so much from the relationship as well.

Anyone at any stage of their life or career can benefit from having a mentor who can pass on their wisdom or support their mentee’s development and help them fulfil their potential. However, the most important aspect of a developmental mentoring relationship is an improvement in the quality of the mentee’s thinking. Mentoring aims to build the mentee’s self-reliance, self-confidence and self-awareness.

As a mentor, you will also experience learning. Mentors improve their own reflective ability, problem solving and decision-making skills as well as grow their Emotional Intelligence. You will also enjoy the satisfaction of giving something back.

Personal fulfilment from investing in another person and improving your communication, leadership and coaching skills are just a few of the benefits of being a mentor.

Programme Timeline

Applications are open during January 2023.

Please note, we are launching the Programme with a pilot of 10 pairings, participants will be selected on a matching exercise of mentor and mentee, which will be based on the initial questionnaire. We anticipate the pilot may be oversubscribed and intend to expand the Programme in future to accommodate interest.

Participants will be matched with mentoring partners during early February followed by briefings — to help you get the most out of your relationships — later in February.

After the initial meeting arranged by the mentor, the relationship is driven by the mentee’s agenda and development aims. You will receive a brief questionnaire during June to inform your support session during July. This is a great opportunity to meet with your fellow mentors or mentees and receive support to further the effectiveness of your relationship. 

November sees a final evaluation survey to share your experiences of the programme. This will inform arrangements and adjust the programme to suit the needs of subsequent cohorts.

Commitment Required

Mentors and mentees each attend their own 60-minute virtual briefing during February 2023
Regular mutually agreed meetings of 60-75 minutes between the mentoring partners every 4-6 weeks for 9-12 months.
One 60-minute virtual support session during July.
Complete two short evaluation surveys, one in June, one in November.

Next Steps

Applications open in January 2023. To register your interest beforehand, ask any questions or for further information contact